Tour-X Graduate Students’ Tracking System (GSTS)

Tour-X Graduate Students’ Tracking System (GSTS)

The objective of the Tour-X tracking system is to collect feedback from Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education Institution (HEI) students, graduates as well as final-year undergraduates. The system aims to provide insights into the effectiveness of educational programs, improve communication between education providers and employers, and support the continuous improvement of training programs and services, particularly in the tourism sector. 

Attention graduates and students in tourism and related studies!

Tour-X call announcement emphasizes that eligibility is based on the country where you graduated, regardless of your current residence or previous locations before your study program. Nationality is not a defining factor. If you studied or are studying tourism or tourism-oriented studies, you are encouraged to be part of our database. Your participation is valuable, and we welcome your input!
Find your EQF level and take part in the survey!!


For undergraduates, students and graduates of secondary and upper secondary school in vocational and general education and training.


For undergraduates, students and graduates of upper and post secondary school in vocational and general education and training.


For Higher Education students, graduates and postgraduates at bachelor and
master level.

Key aspects

The system aims to gather information on several key aspects:

  1. Social and Demographic Background: Understanding the graduates’ social and demographic profiles to provide context to their educational experiences.
  2. Education and Training Feedback: Soliciting feedback on the graduates’ experiences with their education and training programs, with a focus on quality-related issues.
  3. Further Study Plans: Gathering information on graduates’ intentions regarding further studies in their respective sectors.
  4. Labor Market Integration: Assessing the graduates’ integration into the labor market and their experiences in seeking employment.
  5. Employability and Job Quality: Evaluating the graduates’ employability and the quality of jobs they secure, with a specific focus on the relevance of the skills acquired during their education.

The data collected from this survey is intended to facilitate communication between VET/HEI institutions and the labor market.  


23 partners from 7 countries

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and China.